✨Oil Paintings of Night🌃 and☀️Light✨

💫Space, Cosmos, Other Dimensions✨

☀️Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters✨

🌿Spirits of Gaia, Animal Spirit Totems🐾🐾

✨Places of Power on Earth 🌎

🌸Paintings for Meditation, Inspiration, Healing and Harmonization🌸

🔅Energy Portraits. Color Therapy🌈


✨Картины ночи🌃 и ☀️света✨
💫Космос, звезды, галактики, Высшие Измерения✨
☀️Ангелы, архангелы, Вознесенные Мастера✨
🌿Духи Гайи, духи зверей и птиц, тотемы животных🐾🐾
✨Места Силы на Земле🌎
🌸Картины для медитации и вдохновения, гармонизации и исцеления🌸
🔅Энергопортреты. Цветотерапия🌈


Izabel Raa is an award-winning Russian-born American artist, music composer, and author. She transforms her paintings into easy gateways to meditation. Her long-time practice of different spiritual traditions helps her create artworks that transport the viewer into a completely different emotional state. Izabel’s intent with her images is to restore love, wonder, and healing to one’s life.


"Bastet" (“Бастет”). Oil painting on canvas. © Izabel Raa, 2020 

🎶 Music of Izabel Raa 🎶

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Izabel Raa is not just an artist, music composer, and author; she’s a sonic storyteller navigating diverse realms. From experimental and ambient sounds that lead to meditative tranquility, to classical compositions with piano and violins that evoke rich emotions, Izabel’s music transcends genres, delving into the enchanting realms of downtempo, chill-out, and cosmic soundscapes.

Her artistic journey began in 2013 in California, USA, where she not only created oil paintings but also crafted electronic landscapes. Each album is a unique journey — some transport you to the serene worlds of meditation and relaxation, attuning to the lightest dimensions, while others traverse a spectrum of emotions, from joy and inspiration to rebellion and protest and deep sadness and longing. Izabel’s creations aren’t just music; many of them are stories. Her goal is to paint vivid settings and emotions through both her music and her visual art, often reflected in her cosmic paintings adorned with stars, galaxies, and nebulae.

The cover designs for her albums and singles feature Izabel’s paintings, photographs and digital art. Follow Izabel’s artistic odyssey on Spotify, Instagram, and Facebook so you don’t miss her new singles, albums, and art.

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