My Mission

Through my art, I wish to help others to experience an essential spiritual awakening and find integrity and inner harmony, to hear the heart at much deeper levels and recall the Song of the Soul. I would like to help individuals to establish the connection between oneself and the soul of our planet, Gaia, and with the plant and animal kingdoms, as well as outer space, galaxies and stellar systems. With my art, I would like to provide the environment and settings for work with certain states of mind and energies, worlds and creatures, to help transform negative patterns, find inner balance and confidence in oneself, and to develop greater intuition and human consciousness.  My aim is to awaken, inspire, harmonize, and fill hearts with joy and a sense of beauty and the sublime.



Моя миссия:

Через свое творчество я желаю помочь людям пробудиться к высшим состояниям сознания, обрести внутреннюю гармонию, услышать свое сердце и Песню своей Души. Также моя цель – помочь восстановить связь с Гайей – душой, сущностью нашей планеты, – а также с растительным и животным царствами, космосом и звездными системами, галактиками и иными цивилизациями. С помощью своего творчества я стараюсь создать особое пространство и вложить определенные настройки для работы с определенными состояниями сознания, энергиями, мирами и сущностями, помочь трансформировать негативные паттерны, найти внутренний баланс и уверенность в себе, развить интуицию и осознанность. Моя цель: пробуждать, вдохновлять, гармонизировать и наполнять сердца радостью и чувством возвышенного и красоты.



Izabel has started her career as an artist in 2013 in California, USA and has had her first exhibition in early 2017 in Sedona, the mystical Place of Power of North America (Arizona). Since then, Izabel’s artworks have been displayed widely, participating in numerous exhibitions and art events, mainly in the US and Russia. Her paintings adorn meditation centers, Buddhist temples, and a variety of spiritual festivals and events dedicated to Buddhism, mindfulness, yoga, Hinduism, Orthodoxy, Shamanism, and more. Many of her artworks find homes in private collections around the world.

Izabel accepts commissions, tuning in to each individual and using meditation as a tool to create a unique painting tailored to the client’s specific request. She can attune to a person’s photograph and craft a custom artwork for them, delivering it worldwide from her current location.


About me:

My name is Izabel Raa. I am an artist, music composer (find me in all streaming music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and more), and author. Originally, I’m from Russia, Moscow, and currently residing in the United States, California but I’m rather a true world citizen. I never stay too long in one place following my longing to move. I’ve traveled around the world a lot and spend quite a span of time in India and other spiritual sacred places of power on our planet. They’re include Sedona, AZ, USA; Mount Shasta, CA, USA; the Amazon jungle of Peru; Himalayas; Mount Uluru and Kata Tjuta, Australia; Mount Fuji, Japan; pyramids of Egypt; dolmens in Russia; ancient temples of Thailand, China, Bali, Nepal, and many other places. I travel often to this kind of places to meditate and get the inspiration for art and life. Also, traveling by itself always inspires me and allows to see the life and myself from a different perspective. I love to paint in different places on the planet during my travels and see what new can appear under my paintbrush there.

My artistic journey began in 2013 in California, USA, where I not only created oil paintings but also crafted electronic landscapes. Each album is a unique journey — some transport you to the serene worlds of meditation and relaxation, attuning to the lightest dimensions, while others traverse a spectrum of emotions, from joy and inspiration to rebellion and protest and deep sadness and longing. My goal is to paint vivid settings and emotions through both my music and my visual art.



Generally, I create a painting with a particular setting, or intention or a mood and attempt to embed the information inside the painting. Therefore, this artwork can be used as a tool for meditation and inner work.

Often, I paint a painting (for myself or for others) as a support for the transformational passing of some situation or to express, to capture any particular vibration that I feel in the environment at the moment (e.g., vibrations of special, “strong” days, such as equinox, solstice, etc., or the special position of the planets and stars, that have a direct influence on the energies on the planet Earth).

Through my artworks, I also want to express my admiration for the beauty and diversity of life on our planet and its inhabitants, and the extensive world of the magnificent space of the infinite universe with its stars, galaxies, nebulas, constellations and other worlds.

From early childhood, I felt a deep connection with the stars and Gaia (the Soul, or Essence of our planet Earth). Even at an early age I loved to escape alone in meadows and fields strewn with flowers and felt the greatest happiness of the feeling of merging with nature.

Later, as a teenager, I began to write stories about the other worlds, parallel universes, where you can get there either through a secret door, or through special paintings-portals, or stories about the inhabitants of these worlds themselves as they visit our world.

The idea that we are not the only intelligent beings in the Universe, that consciousness exists everywhere, and the planet Earth not the only habitat of gaining experience of life in a form, that we are the multi-dimensional beings who came to Earth from distant stars and other dimensions, is constantly present in my mind. And by my paintings, I wish to remind for others, who feel resonance with my artwork, about that.

With my artwork, I wish to help others not only find a pretty painting for a decoration the interior, but also, first and foremost, to help tune in to the vibrations of peace, joy, love and inspiration, to fill their hearts with warmth and deep satisfaction, to help find one’s Inner Light and reveal the true memory of oneself, and to give to others a practical tool for individual work and meditation.

When my paintings inspire someone and open his or her heart and help to attain the desired state, I feel happiness, it is the highest reward for me as an artist and a conductor of subtle energies.