My Mission

Through my paintings, I wish to help others to experience an essential spiritual awakening and find integrity and inner harmony, to hear the heart at much deeper levels and recall the Song of the Soul. I would like to help individuals to establish the connection between oneself and the soul of our planet, Gaia, and with the plant and animal kingdoms, as well as outer space and stellar systems. With my art, I would like to provide the environment and settings for work with certain states of mind and energies, worlds and creatures, to help transform negative patterns, find inner balance and confidence in oneself, and to develop greater intuition and human consciousness.  My aim is to awaken, inspire, harmonize, and fill hearts with joy and a sense of beauty and the sublime.


Generally, I create a painting with a particular setting, or intention or a mood and attempt to embed the information inside the painting. Therefore, this artwork can be used as a tool for meditation and inner work.

Often, I paint a painting (for myself or for others) as a support for the transformational passing of some situation or to express, to capture any particular vibration that I feel in the environment at the moment (e.g., vibrations of special, “strong” days, such as equinox, solstice, etc., or the special position of the planets and stars, that have a direct influence on the energies on the planet Earth). Or it could be a creature that came to talk with me from somewhere in the “real” world, or from one of the subtle worlds.

Through my artworks, I also want to express my admiration for the beauty and diversity of life on our planet and its inhabitants, and the extensive world of the magnificent space of the infinite universe with its stars, galaxies, nebulas, constellations and other worlds.

We are the multi-dimensional beings who came to Earth from distant stars, the subtle worlds and other dimensions, and by my paintings, I wish to remind for incarnated beings on this planet in human form, which feel resonance with my artworks, about their True Homeland, the Home, the Heart and Dreams, about their True Power and True Wisdom, about their Highest Aspects and about the fact that we are one with the Source, and that the planet Earth (although it certainly is beautiful and amazing, and life here is very exciting) – not the only habitat of consciousness and of gaining experience of life in a form.

With my artwork, I wish to help others not only find a pretty painting for a decoration the interior, but also, first and foremost, to help tune in to the vibrations of peace, joy, love and inspiration, to fill their hearts with warmth and deep satisfaction, to help find one’s Inner Light and reveal the true memory of oneself. The second aim is to give to others a practical tool for individual work and meditation.

When my paintings inspire someone and open his or her heart and help to attain the desired state, I feel happiness, it is the highest reward for me as an artist and a conductor of subtle energies.


About me:

My name is Izabel Raa. I am an artist, musician and writer. I was born in Moscow, Russia, and now live in the United States. I’ve traveled much around the world and have warm and intimate feelings and connections to very different countries and beautiful corners of the planet Earth, but a special love that lives  deep in my heart, I feel toward  the Mother India.

From early childhood, I felt a connection with the stars, and that I am from somewhere outside, not from this planet. When I was a child, I even told  the people around me that I am an alien on Earth “on holidays”, until I realized after observing their reactions, it is better not to speak of such things .

The tendency  for me to immerse myself in  meditation, contemplation, and the ongoing feeling of a strong connection with Gaia, existed in me from the very beginning. Even at an early age I loved to escape alone in meadows and fields strewn with flowers and felt the greatest happiness of the feeling of merging with nature. I spoke with flowers and they answered me. I loved to sit on the bank of a river or lake, and to touch the stones and watch the life of insects, animals, birds and fish.

Later, as a teenager, I began to write stories about the other worlds, parallel universes, where you can get there either through a secret door, or through special paintings-portals, or stories about the inhabitants of these worlds themselves as they visit our world.

The idea that we are not alone on this planet, and not the only intelligent beings in the Universe, and our real Home is “out there”, is constantly present in my mind. But the reality of sensations of this world is so attention-grabbing that other worlds and other dimensions at times often seemed almost like a dream, and only a deep longing inside for real love, for true freedom, true happiness, (which truly exists – my heart always knew that for sure) was helping me not to forget myself in very heavy and intense low vibrations of this world.

Now we live in a very unique time, when the old patterns of life are gradually erased and we are capable to release the heavy burden of all of our old karma, which was accumulated in all previous incarnations, for the one life. Moreover, we are able to create absolutely another world by our choices and intentions, that kind of world where we actually want to live. The laws of creation of reality existed before, but only now it is possible to do it very consciously. It is now possible to easily observe a direct connection between our thoughts and the reality. And accelerated time allows us to see the results of our thoughts and choices much faster.

Right now, more than ever, there is no point to live a life which we don’t really like, not from the heart, because we are free to choose what we like among all of the variety of options, and how to live in misery,  we are as human beings, perfectly known for many thousands of years and no need to repeat it again.

Now it’s the time to remember our connection with the Divine and God, it’s the time to feel the burning in the heart the Sparkle of the Creator and to listen to the soft voice of the heart, where are the hidden treasures of the greatest and eternal grandeur of us as multidimensional beings, temporarily gaining experience on the planet Earth. Only in the heart we can find True Joy, True Mission and True Dream.

Our inner child who likes to play and enjoy, and doesn’t know problems and sorrows, lives right there in the heart. And through the heart space, we can feel the connection with the soul, the Sparkle of God, that has found physical form to gain experience on the planet and to return to its source, being in a form.

I dream about a  world where there is no more violence, where all people have learned how to live in peace and have found true peace in their mind and heart and found a strong connection with their Spirit and Higher Self.

I dream about the world where is no more lack, poverty and greed, where the inhabitants of the planet live in abundance and prosperity, where everything  exists in   abundance and there is no crime against a person or against nature and the animal and plant worlds.

I dream about the world where everyone is happy, because he or she can hear the Song of the Soul and goes to his or her Highest Dream and finds “True Refuge”, a True Master and True Wisdom in oneself.

I dream about the world where all the dormant and superior powers of a human unfold, and the memory of the human as a multi-dimensional being awakens, and one can find his True Strength and Power inside of oneself and escape the trap of aging and death.

In the quantum universe, everything is possible, and we can manifest that world in our lives even in this lifetime, if we are to choose that reality very deep inside us and remove all obstacles like doubts and negative states of mind, as well as to constantly maintain our choice, until it strengthens firmly. And by changing ourselves, we will begin to attract by our new vibrations the new reality, like what we are emanating…





Izabel Raa
(Sedona, AZ, USA, November 2016)