Painting Commissions

Originals, Giclée, Canvas Prints and Prints on Aluminum

Some of my paintings are available as originals, most of them available as giclée (a copy of original painting printed on canvas with additional paintbrush strokes with oil colors upon it and signature by the artist; giclée is a “half-original” painting) or it can be just canvas print (stretched on wooden frame or rolled) or print on aluminum. Giclée and prints on canvas and aluminum can be created on demand. Like an original painting, giclée needs time to be completely dry before shipping (usually, it takes 2-4 weeks, depends on the thickness of oil paints on it).


Painting Commissions

The oil painting created especially for you!

You can commission me to create a painting especially for you. You explain the theme you desire or you can let me choose it for you through meditation on you and your Higher Self. Through meditation insight, I derive the colors and imagery of which the artwork will be comprised. If you know the theme, you are welcome to email me photos of the subject material, and we can discuss the colors/style/size and other details via email. Usually, it is a mix of both: the desired theme of a person and my meditation, because I always tune to that person with intention to create something special and unique, especially for him or her that will work for him/her in the best and most harmonious way.


Energy Portrait

Energy portrait is another subject in my painting. It is usually performed on a small canvas (about 6″x6″, 6″x8″ or 8″x8″), quickly and at an affordable price (starts from $100 for one painting). Energy portrait is usually an abstract painting where I try to reflect the colors and forms of energies which I’m catching inside and around the person, in his or her aura. It can also be my vision of his appearance in other planes.

Energy portrait can be created directly in the presence of a customer or remotely, with tuning to him or her during meditation. Generally, for this work I need a fresh photo of a person. Preferably, that the person on that photo is in a quiet, neutral state of mind and calm emotions, without thinking, looking straight into the camera, and alone.


Personal animal totem paintings, paintings for meditation, healing, inspiration and transformation, astral paintings

Personal animal totem painting, and any other painting, where I need deep meditation on the person, is creating by the same principle (and I also need a photo), but takes much more time, more detailed and vary in price. Canvas size may also vary.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Materials, shipping and other details

In my artwork I use artist quality oil paints and back stapled canvas stretched on wooden frame (sometimes I use canvas on board). Sides of all paintings are usually painted, no frame required.

Framing is not included. Painting is signed on front and signed on the back.

Artist retains the rights to digital and print reproduction.

Worldwide shipping. Please, email me to know the amount of shipping costs.




Please feel free to browse my collection and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. My email: