Original Oil Painting “Violet Universe”, or “La Flamme Féminine

"Violet Universe", or "La Flamme Féminine" Oil painting on canvas. Izabel Raa“When I first saw this painting, I right away understood that it was created for me. There was so much of what I was missing in my life in it, that even a photo of the painting started creating miracles. To keep the energy flow going I offered to buy this magic artwork from Izabel, and she kindly agreed.

Since then the feminine power I dreamt of came to my life in abundance: powerful, tender, beautiful, and warm. I can not thank Izabel enough for this little miracle she created with her brush.

Please keep going, keep painting music on canvas. You are blessed.”

Boris @netocrat Khodorkovsky, Odessa, Ukraine


Original oil painting “Hope, Healing and Protection. Archangel Michael and Jesus

Irina with painting "Hope, Healing and Protection. Archangel Michael and Jesus". Original Oil Painting. Izabel Raa, 2017“From the painting emanates an unbelievably powerful energy and light that stops me in adoration. An incredible flow of power and support! As if my angels are next to me, they look and say that everything will be fine! I sense their message with all the fibers of the soul. A powerful stream of love and light is a surreal force. A force which exists in me too! As if this picture calls me to open, or rather, even remember that these forces are inside of me! Incredibly powerful flow of energy from all sides, and especially from above. When I’m looking at the painting, such a living stream of energy runs inside of me, through all my being, through all my chakras. I am very grateful for the fortune that brought me to you at this moment in my life, when I needed more support than ever before. Thank you very much, thank you for appearing in my life! 💖😘🌈🌷🔮💎💐

Irina Vyazmina, Huntington Beach, California, USA


Original oil painting “Family of Cosmic Cats”, or “Eternal Love

Izabel was given initially a very difficult task – to paint a family portrait, allegorical of course, with two loving cats and their kitten. How brilliantly she managed to cope with everything! And the image of the Universe and our galaxy, as always, is beyond praise. For our family, this is a very special work – creation, symbol of eternal love and deep connection of our souls.
From Andrew & Kate & Arina, Moscow, Russia



Original oil painting “Night Song of Beauty

“Once I take the painting in hands, the first feeling that repeats is an astonishment. I’m surprising how weightless the painting is. And this is an extraordinary feeling that it is just airy. At first I thought that this feeling will pass away. But taking the second time, the third, and further times, I was just surprised, as if I had taken it for the first time. And recently, I understood why this feeling arises in me, it is no longer a tactile sensation, this is the feeling inside of me. This painting is so deep, there is a whole Universe in it, the whole beach is there, the whole sea is there, all the flowers and all the sunsets are there, all the clouds, and the whole Milky Way, our home. And all this should weigh a lot, and when I take this painting in hands, I am surprised again at its lightness, and this lightness makes me also light and weightless; my body stands on the ground, but I lift off and fly there. I’m becoming the same weightless and a little ghostly 😊”

Alex, Koh Chang, Thailand

*all photographs – the artworks of Alex made on the island

The artwork of Alex





















Original oil painting “Pleiades

"Pleiades". Original oil painting on canvas. Izabel Raa“I got this painting of Pleiades (“Стожары”) from Izabel during a very special period of my life when I started working with my awareness and transpersonal development. The words that came to me when I saw it first time were “There are many ways” (“Путей много”). Later contemplating on this painting, the message shaped further: “All the practices — meditation, therapy, healing, generosity; all the people whom I encounter on this path — are sources of light that illuminate places in my soul that I forgot, turned away from, and abandoned. Pleiades and The StormThey cast light — at times mellow and caring, at times fierce — for me to awaken from my microsleep lapses, embrace and reincorporate those blind spots of reality back into my view. Whatever hard emotions come, the eternal light of the Universe continues to illuminate the space and showing paths. The light is available to one whose eyes are open.”

Dmytro L, San Francisco, California, USA

Original Oil Painting “Night Guards, or Beholders of Night

Night Guards, or Beholders of Night. Izabel Raa“Two owls are resting in the space.
Harmonic souls with cosmic grace.
They’ve come from dark side of the moon.
After a break they’re living soon
Directly to the sunny side
That always shines from deep inside.”


Roman Rusavskiy, Moscow, Russia / M31, Andromeda Galaxy 🙂




Giclée on canvas of the original oil painting “Iris

"Iris". Giclée of original oil painting. Izabel Raa“I am a big fan of Izabel’s art, each painting is a doorway to a sacred spot in the Universe which is  most desired, most longed for.. We are stuffed in big cities with all this pressure of day-to-day life. Not only are we unable to locate such doorway by ourselves, we also forget we have been looking for.. And all of a sudden you see Izabel’s painting which is right there waiting to catch you eye. "Iris". Giclée of original oil painting. Izabel RaaRight at that moment when you are close to despair, tired like hell, angry or frustrated.. It is your own door to light, joy, serenity, ecstasy – anything that you needed most, without realizing it. Izabel’s talent is in knowing infinite number of these doors.. she opens them easily and playfully, one by one, with each new work of art. You never know which key she will choose next – color, form or texture.. This wonderful jingling music of her keys make you warm, confident and suddenly open to the world and all its wonders.. I am always waiting for Izabel’s each new painting – unpredictable, infinite, full of fresh air and pure deeply rooted joy.. Even writing about these wonders makes me feel happy, let alone having one of them on the wall at home..”

Anna Solotova, Moscow, Russia


Original oil painting “Grand Voyage

"Grand Voyage". Original oil painting on canvas. Izabel Raa“You helped me to find the way to myself. Now I can speak to the other “me” with respect. To the boy whom I can ask what he does not like in an adult guy whom he had become.

You created a painting by my answers to your questions. Well, it’s the “commissioned painting”. Your questions are precious. Thank you for them.”


Aleksey Sirotin, Moscow, Russia.



Aluminum print of the original oil painting “Galactic Journey

"Galactic Journey". Oil painting on canvas. Izabel Raa“Because of your wonderful depiction of the stars of the Milky Way and their brilliance at night, set beyond a familiar highway on earth, I find the image inspiring and comforting to me at the same time. There are some other reasons why I chose this piece for myself (or why it chose me?!?) that I will share with you later. But let me just say now that you are a VERY gifted artist, and I am grateful to you for having made this beautiful work to display at Yester Day’s Fine Art Gallery!

I would also like to add that your image of Milky Way in this piece gives me faith (as do all your starlit landscapes) that there IS something good in the darkness of night, and that goodness you have revealed to me in your artwork always give me faith to carry on.” 

Annie Rabago, The Owner of Yester Day’s Gallery, Jerome, Arizona, USA


Original oil painting “Cosmic Bloom

“Thank you for being you and allowing us to see who you really are through your beautiful paintings. I am in love with my painting and once I saw it, I felt it inside my chest. As if the painting says me, “I’m yours…” 🙏❤️ thank you.”


Hassan Hefny, Hollywood, California, USA




Original oil painting “Ocean of Joy, Peace and Serenity

Thank you so much!
The painting is wonderful! The first thing I felt was the tenderness coming from the painting. I really love the sea and now it’s always with me. When you look at the painting, you could imagine that you look out of the window, and around… the SEA, and it’s very close.
You can look at it endlessly …… ommmmmmmmmm

Elena Makarova, Moscow, Russia



Giclée on canvas of the original oil painting “Shoreless Ocean of Consciousness, or Answers of Your Heart

"Shoreless Ocean of Consciousness, or Answers of Your Heart". Giclée of original oil painting. Izabel Raa“Seeing this painting, the first few seconds I was stunned with the feeling of astonishment. Almost one in one, that painting repeated the landscape in Ladakh in Northern India, on the Tso-Moriri lake, located in the heart of the Himalayas, at an altitude of 4500 m. Some time before the appearance of this painting in my life, I experienced a rather deep "Shoreless Ocean of Consciousness, or Answers of Your Heart". Giclée of original oil painting. Izabel Raaexperience of the interaction of my human consciousness with the Cosmos and the Universe on the journey through Ladakh … This painting is incredibly coincided with what I’ve seen and felt that night .. These violet and pink shades enhance the memory and remind me of that exchange and special power of the Himalayas and of the secret mystical corners of nature .. And that painting has this Magic ..”

Nadezhda, Yoga Teacher and Founder of Taissa Wong Jewelry , Moscow, Russia


Original oil painting “Shining From Inside

“This painting is special. It appeared as an opportunity to see myself from the perspective of cosmic laws, powers and energies inside of me .. I was going through a long and complicated way of returning to Myself. The bright side of me gained it strength slowly, collecting lost particles of my spirit like a pollen in the universe… The dark side was difficult to change, through doubts, fears and other fellow travelers who joined the consciousness after serious spiritual cataclysms. The author of the painting, through meditation and tuning on me, depicted a magical cosmic cloud. The image of person as energy, like a picture of aura, the imprint of a state or filling of the spirit, the primordial and the current. This helps during periods of recovery and maintains the balance of the necessary color “tones” in us .. Initially, I really like emerald, turquoise colors in this cloud .. Prana, combined with solar energy .. And red color, shades, in the center, like the ancient memory-core of my nature, of love that gives away everything that it has .. Shining from inside .. about the coming dawn, the precious moments that the consciousness experiences in its highest states … Everything inside .. No color contradicts the other, does not argues, does not intercept attention .. I often look at that cloud and fill up with a wonderful multicolored blessings of cosmic harmony from the painter. Namaskaram”

Nadezhda, Yoga Teacher and Founder of Taissa Wong Jewelry, Moscow, Russia


Prints of the original oil paintings “Shoreless Ocean of Consciousness“, “Invisible Flight“, “Beautiful Solitude” and “Rainbow (Boomerang) Nebula

Prints "Shoreless Ocean of Consciousness", "Invisible Flight", "Beautiful Solitude" of original oil paintings. Izabel Raa“After finding Izabel’s work, I knew I wanted two of her pieces. I contacted her through email and since day one she has been incredibly thoughtful, detailed, and generous. She worked with my budget and found an amazing printer in my city so that I could pick up the pieces. She also was kind enough to offer the choice to add two more pieces because there was space for it. She was always kind and patient through the entire process and at the end of it, I received the most beautiful galactic jewels. Print of original oil painting "Rainbow (Boomerang) Nebula". Izabel RaaThey are even more incredible in person. Like little portals to another world. The rich indigo, violet, and green galaxy-scapes were vivid and ethereal. The Owl totem made of stars feels empowering to sit with. The shooting star over an otherworldly tree is undoubtedly alive. The field of flower is an absolute dream. And My partner loved the Rainbow Nebula. Truly an awe-some experience.”

Norma Sepenuk, Artist and Founder of Mother Make Me, New York, USA



Original oil painting “Archangel Michael

Thank you so much💖! The painting is beautiful as always. Unprecedented feeling of great power of light. These feelings impossible to express. You just feel it… light, protection, power, beauty…”

Elena Makarova, Moscow, Russia


Original oil painting “The Child of Purity

"The Child of Purity". Original oil painting on canvas. Izabel Raa“The painting lives in our house for two years now. Yes, it lives, because it is a living being, and not an object of interior. It has its own pulse, sometimes barely perceptible, and sometimes quite noticeable and audible. The painting emits light and warm. It is located in our dining room and it seems when we are going to have lunch or dinner, any quarrels or confrontations immediately stop, even between the children. I observed for the painting for a long time and tried to understand it, and it seems at last I felt a subtle vibrato emanating from the painting: purity, light and tranquility… But most of all it is purity and silence, but not ominous, but creative. Silence prior to milliseconds before Creation…”

Ani, Madrid, Spain


Original oil painting, energy portrait “The Will for Life

It is unlikely that there could be a person, except me, who could see in this portrait a documentary photograph. But for me it looks exactly like that. Now I’ll tell you.

Once in one shop I found three laces, hanging next to each other. Orange, yellow and lime-green. And I so liked this combination of colors! Optimism, liveliness, immersiveness in the vortex of fruitful activities, joy and excitement. Well, just an explosion of feelings. I wanted to weave a bracelet for myself with those colors.

At that time, Izabel offered to order an energy portrait painted by her. And I was so curious how she sees me, that I could not resist the temptation. We made arrangement. And once I get a text message from her that she is going to paint my portrait and asks me to tune in and to not think.

Time goes by, the attention starts to fly off. From time to time thoughts go to the bracelet that I want to make and how it will look like. I try to switch attention back, but it’s very hard. And then I get the message from Izabel:
“You are so colorful! So much orange and yellow :)”
(.. !!!!! .. But… How did you know? !!!!)
“Uh … You know, these colors chased me the whole last week …”
“And green did not chase you?”
“…👀 “
“Lime-green”, Izabel clarifies.

I was stunned. How could she see these colors so clearly?!

I experienced rapturous astonishment and joy, as from a gift that I really wanted, but could not believe that it was possible …

This autumn in Moscow was especially gloomy. And the first half of winter was not better. If not this painting, I might not have kept that summer feeling of joy of life. The lime-green sun illuminates me with a joyful orange-yellow light. And I smile at it :)”

Alexey Sirotin, Moscow, Russia


Original oil paintings “Acceptance, or Flowers of Joy” and “Connection

“Both paintings are always next to me when I’m in Moscow .. very close to my bed. I practice meditation almost every day, and these paintings help me very much to maintain a pleasant relaxation and immersion in the meditative state.

The painting with a flower associates for me with a lotus, which is a symbol of harmony and love. Looking at this flower I seem to dissolve into the tenderness of the shades and colors that I really like .. Purple is one of my favorite colors.

"Connection". Oil painting on canvasThe painting “Connection with Higher Power” helps me to look at myself from the outside, when I can step back from all worldliness and devote my time to God and the Divine and the beauty of the Universe. I really see myself sitting in a lotus posture among nature, like a part of it. I feel the fresh and gentle vibrations from every single blade of grass and every single tree, I contemplate the worlds and feel myself as a part of the boundless Universe.”

Julia Pijk, Moscow, Russia


Energy portraits “Soft Shining” and “Explosion of Feelings” 

"Soft Shining". Energy Portrait of Hanna"Explosion of Feelings". Energy Portrait of Hanna“Izabella ended up making two energy portraits of me. This was something I didn’t expect yet it captured my split personality perfectly. Each wouldn’t be enough on its own but together they capture the essence perfectly. She really can see people, with each portrait, she really knows what she’s painting.”

Hanna M., USA


Original oil painting “9:9:9″. (September 9, 2016), or “The Dance of Love

"9:9:9". (September 9, 2016), or "The Dance of Love". Original oil painting on canvas. Izabel Raa“I first saw Izabel’s paintings on her smartphone at a birthday party. The first thing I noticed was the horizon. It was looking at me from all of her pictures. And I was falling in it. It is so deep and it is an essential part of many of her paintings. A mark of vastness and spaciousness.

I’m looking at the painting “The Dance of Love”. It is painted in red and pink tones with orange and yellow light. On the top, it has dark pink saturated colors, which gradually dissolve going down clockwise. These colors talk to me about different shades of love, its different modes.

The dark pink signifies to me the love with admixture of attachment and bond – a bond of mother and her kid – which dissolves into lightness, a realization of connectedness to the whole Universe. It speaks of a mother who cares, who protects her kid, and then gradually releases that everything is the Kid and everything is the Mother and the Birth is everywhere, and thus the attachment is dissolved and purified. In this way, the dark saturated pink descends clockwise into the light pastel pink and orange clouds. And with them from above the horizon, a flock of birds circles out – or circles in… And below is the vast space of sky. The way it is depicted here reminds me of the sky seen from a window of an airplane. It makes you realize that the Earth is finite. It is the horizon that is telling you: the Earth is finite. And the sky is still vast, limitless, and spacious. And these two, the Earth and the Sky meet. The two opposites merge: finite and infinite.”

Dmytro L, San Francisco, California, USA


Original oil paintings “Night Dream” and Energy Portrait “Shining Star

“I want to share a review to the paintings of Izabel’s authorship. I have two of them and both are my favorites: my energy portrait and the landscape of the sea coast. Both are in the bedroom surrounded by other dear things and these paintings is the first thing I see in the morning, waking up.

I will describe in more detail the paintings and feelings from them:

1. Energy Portrait. This is a small canvas depicting me as an energy entity. I feel deep resonance with colors and energy that the painting radiates! From the painting there is a flow of cool silvery-blue energy. This painting charges and fills me.

2. Landscape. This painting I like incredibly. The sea, the beach, the starry sky, misty haze in the distance … This is the place where you want to dive and be on this beach with soft sand, sit by the water and listen to the splash of waves … this painting more harmonizes and calms me.

Both paintings stand together, because I wanted to put them next to each other, and now they form a single whole in my space. Thank you very much!”

Ksenia Messing, Moscow, Russia


"The Inner Sun". Original oil painting on canvas. Izabel RaaOriginal oil painting “The Inner Sun

“This painting emanates powerful energy that nourishes me when I need it. It also helps me attune with the power of the Sun, even on the cold rainy days, when the actual sun is not visible. A very bright, cheerful and positive painting that lights up my room!”

Hanna K., San Jose, California, USA



"The Journey to the Forgotten Dream". Original oil painting on canvas. Izabel RaaOriginal oil painting “The Journey to the Forgotten Dream

“You sit and work … then you raise your eyes, and there … the sea, the sunset … beauty .. vacation … you lower your eyes and continue to work, but feel already more cheerful and more joyful :))”

Dmitriy Kopanev, Moscow, Russia



"The Universe of Violets". Original oil painting on canvas. Izabel Raa

Original oil painting “The Universe of Violets


“For me it’s a look at my world. I’m looking at this painting and see a part of myself. It is difficult for me to convey all these feelings.”

Eugene, Madrid, Spain




"The Flower of Soul Fire". Original oil painting on canvas. Izabel RaaOriginal oil painting “The Flower of Soul Fire

“I like colors: the sky, the sunflower like the sun and blue background. The painting is very dynamic, as if in motion. The radiance of life in motion. And the flower bud seems to be about to open, too.”


Anton B., San Francisco, California, USA



Original oil painting “Sunny Day in Mountains

"Sunny Day in the Mountains". Original oil painting on canvas. Izabel Raa“The winter painting was a bliss for me when there was no snow outside in winter time and only mud and slush. And when I was looking at that painting it was like to get a lungful of fresh frosty air. It is like the dazzling snow whiteness outside and crystal clear mountain air, and in the house – a fireplace is burning, cozy and warm. The hosts settled at the fireplace on animal skins, they are drinking tasty tea and telling the children different interesting stories.”

Glafira U., Moscow, Russia

"Flights to the Marigenous Sky", giclée of digital art, printed on canvas + oil painting. Izabel Raa

Giclée on canvas, print of digital art + oil painting Flights to the Marigenous Sky

“The painting with a flying fish is like a fairy tale about a sea king, and that fish serves him to communicate with the underwater kingdom."Flights to the Marigenous Sky", giclée of digital art, printed on canvas + oil painting. Izabel Raa

She wants to fly straight into the sunny sky, but it’s impossible to leave the rainbow beauty of the water space. And the fish flies, and her tiny heart sings with happiness, from an exciting flight, from the incomparable beauty of the underwater world.”

Glafira U., Moscow, Russia



Original oil painting “Forest

"Forest". Original oil painting on canvas. Izabel Raa“The painting with the image of a birch grove gives a positive energy. In the summer, when you look at it, it plunges you into the forest coolness. In the winter, it reminds you of the soft rustle of leaves, songs of birds, and you can feel that the summer is already around the corner …”

Valentina B., Moscow, Russia