Exhibits and Events

Exhibits and Events / Выставки и события


January, 2017

Jerome (Sedona), Arizona, USA
Yester Day’s Gallery

Art Walk Event


February, 2017

Jerome (Sedona), Arizona, USA
Yester Day’s Gallery

Art Walk Event “The Love of Art”




“Cathedral’s Magic”

Jerome First Saturday Art Walk celebrates ‘The Love of Art’

Jerome Art Walk, February 4, 2017

Jerome Art Walk to have Valentine’s Day focus

‘The Love of Art’



June, 2017

St. Petersburg, Russia

Participation in Budart Art Retreat for Artists



August 1st – September 9th, 2017

San Francisco, California, USA

Solo Exhibition in San Francisco Zen Center



August Art Show: Izabel Raa

September 16-21st , 2017

Los Angeles, California, USA

Meditative Art Exhibition and Performance at the Budart Meditative Art Festival





BudArt Artists
Meditation and Art



April 28th, 2018

Los Angeles, California, USA

Participating in Yogananda Fest “Change yourself to change the world”.

Paramhansa Yogananda came to the west in the 1920s and took this country by storm. He brought timeless teachings of Yoga and Meditation and showed that Science and Religion are not in conflict. He was a spiritual revolutionary – a messenger of Joy! His spiritual classic Autobiography of a Yogi continues to inspire millions of truth seekers even today.
















































July-August, 2018


July/August Online issue of magazine Art&Beyond

Art&Beyond / Izabel Raa

























November 25th, 2018

Lake Forest, Los Angeles, California, USA

Exhibition-sale on the Thanksgiving event in the Gallery “Olympic”

On November 25, in honor of the Thanksgiving, a festive concert, dinner and exhibition-sale of paintings by famous Russian-American artists were held in the Gallery “Olympic” at the Russian Orthodox Church in the city of Lake Forest (Los Angeles, California): Lark Larisa Pilinsky, Izabel Raa, Irina Chelyapova , Svetlana Toth and others. The event was attended by many guests and visitors.







































November, 2018


Artists on Art Magazine – Beholders of the Night: A Summer Solstice Oil Painting

Beholders of the Night - A Summer Solstice Oil Painting - Izabel Raa -Artists on Art Magazine





































November, 2019 – January, 2020

Moscow, Russia

Mini-exhibition in the gallery / tea club Arteafact 🍵🌱
Мини-экспозиция в галерее / чайном клубе “Артефакт” 🍵🌱


“Arcturus Rose”, or “Arcturian Corridor” (“Роза Арктура”, или “Арктурианский коридор”) 🌌✨✨✨ Oil painting on canvas panel. © Izabel Raa Jan, 2018 “The Door to the Source” and “Music of Stars” (“Дверь к Источнику” и “Музыка звезд”)✨🌌💜💙✨ Oil paintings on canvas. © Izabel Raa Jan, 2017-18“Mysterious Night of Azur” (“Таинственная ночь Азура”)🌌🌴✨✨✨ Oil painting on canvas panel © Izabel Raa, 2019✨“Archangel Uriel” (“Архангел Уриэль”)✨✨✨ Oil painting on canvas panel © Izabel Raa, 2019 “Back to the Purity” (“Возвращение к чистоте”)🌸 Oil painting on canvas panel. © Izabel Raa Jan, 2016