“9:9:9”. (September 9, 2016), or “The Dance of Love”. Oil painting on canvas.

"9:9:9". (September 9, 2016), or "The Dance of Love" Oil painting on canvas.


“9:9:9”. (September 9, 2016), or “The Dance of Love”

Oil painting on canvas.
18″x18″ (46 cm x 46 cm)
© Izabel Raa Jan, 2016


I created this painting on a special day: September 9, 2016 (numerologically, this date contains three digits “9”). It was a powerful energetic day-portal, and I meditated on love, freedom and joyful flight of the Soul while working on this painting. My intention was to catch the spirit of this unique day and show it through that artwork.

An interesting fact about the painting and the number 9 is also that it depicts 36 birds (3+6=9), I painted that number of birds unconsciously and noticed only some time after the painting was completed.

And one more interesting fact about the magic of number 9 is that the painting was bought by a person born on September 9th, which means that I created it on his birthday. It wasn’t commissioned painting, just mysterious “coincidence” ^_^


Available as:
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Review on the painting: 

"9:9:9". (September 9, 2016), or "The Dance of Love". Original oil painting on canvas. Izabel Raa

“I first saw Izabel’s paintings on her smartphone at a birthday party. The first thing I noticed was the horizon. It was looking at me from all of her pictures. And I was falling in it. It is so deep and it is an essential part of many of her paintings. A mark of vastness and spaciousness.

I’m looking at the painting “The Dance of Love”. It is painted in red and pink tones with orange and yellow light. On the top, it has dark pink saturated colors, which gradually dissolve going down clockwise. These colors talk to me about different shades of love, its different modes.

The dark pink signifies to me the love with admixture of attachment and bond – a bond of mother and her kid – which dissolves into lightness, a realization of connectedness to the whole Universe. It speaks of a mother who cares, who protects her kid, and then gradually releases that everything is the Kid and everything is the Mother and the Birth is everywhere, and thus the attachment is dissolved and purified. In this way, the dark saturated pink descends clockwise into the light pastel pink and orange clouds. And with them from above the horizon, a flock of birds circles out – or circles in… And below is the vast space of sky. The way it is depicted here reminds me of the sky seen from a window of an airplane. It makes you realize that the Earth is finite. It is the horizon that is telling you: the Earth is finite. And the sky is still vast, limitless, and spacious. And these two, the Earth and the Sky meet. The two opposites merge: finite and infinite.”

Dmytro L, San Francisco, California, USA



“9:9:9” (9 Сентября 2016), или “Танец любви”

Холст, масло
46 x 46 см
© Изабель Раа, 2016


Я создала эту картину в особый день: 9 сентября 2016 года (нумерологически эта дата содержит три цифры «9»). Это был мощный энергетический день-портал, и я медитировала о любви, свободе и радостном полете Души, работая над этой картиной. Мне хотелось поймать дух этого уникального дня и передать его через нее.

Интересным фактом об этой работе и числе 9 также является то, что на ней изображено 36 птиц (3 + 6 = 9), я нарисовала это количество птиц неосознанно и заметила только через некоторое время после завершения картины.

И еще один интересный факт о магии числа 9 состоит в том, что картина была куплена человеком, родившимся 9 сентября, что означает, что я создала ее в его день рождения. Это была не заказная работа, а просто… мистическое «совпадение» ^_^

Картина доступна для продажи в качестве жикле (принт на холсте с авторскими мазками маслом поверх и подписью автора) или же возможно создание похожей картины на заказ специально для вас!