“Flowers of Life”. Energy Portrait of Nyo

"Flowers of Life". Energy Portrait of Nyo

“Flowers of Life”. Energy Portrait of Nyo

Oil painting on canvas panel.
6″x8″ (15 x 20 cm.)
© Izabel Raa, 2017


Description to the energy portrait to Nyo:

“I’ve seen this kind of colors in your aura, and you are like a pillar of light in the middle. When I meditated on you, I saw flowers, tenderness and subtle sense of beauty related to you. I think it’s because you can deeply feel the beauty in your soul and transform that later in different forms such as photography and poems. I felt calmness more in you, but I also saw little orange and red colors in your aura, they are related to activity and creativity in the physical world”


Available as:
– painting commission of personal energy portrait (any convenient size).