“Galactic Journey”. Oil painting on canvas.

"Galactic Journey". Oil painting on canvas.

“Galactic Journey”

Oil painting on canvas.
24″x48″ (61×122 cm.)
© Izabel Raa Jan 2016


The journey begins on the planet Earth and gradually continues into the Galactic Journey. The Milky Way is a huge galaxy that encompasses our solar system and the planet Earth. We have yet to explore this inconceivably huge unexplored world, filled with countless amazing stars, planets, and nebulas.

The painting has been created with an intention to connect the terrestrial and the stellar, with our galaxy and the deep outer space, and also expand the consciousness from the human to the planetary and from the planetary to the galactic scale.

It’s a pretty big painting, almost in human height. With the direct contemplation of the painting you can have the feeling of being inside.


This painting has been exhibited in San Francisco Zen Center during solo exhibition in 2017 and in Jerome (Sedona, Arizona) during Art Walk event, 2017.


Available as:
– giclée, printed on aluminum (on demand; same size or smaller),
– giclée, printed on canvas (on demand; same size or smaller),
– similar painting commission (any convenient size).