“Hope, Healing and Protection. Archangel Michael and Jesus”. Oil painting on canvas.

"Hope, Healing and Protection. Archangel Michael and Jesus". Oil painting on canvas. Izabel Raa

“Hope, Healing and Protection. Archangel Michael and Jesus”

Oil painting on canvas.
18″x24″ (46 x 61 cm.)
© Izabel Raa Jan, 2017


The painting was created with summoning energies of Archangel Michael and Jesus Christ with intention to help, cleanse and heal.


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Review on the painting: 

Irina with painting "Hope, Healing and Protection. Archangel Michael and Jesus". Original Oil Painting. Izabel Raa, 2017“From the painting emanates an unbelievably powerful energy and light that stops me in adoration. An incredible flow of power and support! As if my angels are next to me, they look and say that everything will be fine! I sense their message with all the fibers of the soul. A powerful stream of love and light is a surreal force. A force which exists in me too! As if this picture calls me to open, or rather, even remember that these forces are inside of me! Incredibly powerful flow of energy from all sides, and especially from above. When I’m looking at the painting, such a living stream of energy runs inside of me, through all my being, through all my chakras. I am very grateful for the fortune that brought me to you at this moment in my life, when I needed more support than ever before. Thank you very much, thank you for appearing in my life! 💖😘🌈🌷🔮💎💐

Irina Vyazmina, Huntington Beach, CA, USA