“Iris”. Oil painting on canvas panel.

"Iris". Oil painting on canvas panel. © Izabel Raa, 2014


Oil painting on canvas panel.
4″x5″ (10×13 cm.)
© Izabel Raa Jan, 2014


Available as:
– giclée, printed on canvas (on demand; same size or smaller),
– similar painting commission (any convenient size).


Review on the giclée of the painting:

"Iris". Giclée of original oil painting. Izabel Raa

“I am a big fan of Izabel’s art, each painting is a doorway to a sacred spot in the Universe which is  most desired, most longed for.. We are stuffed in big cities with all this pressure of day-to-day life. Not only are we unable to locate such doorway by ourselves, we also forget we have been looking for.. And all of a sudden you see Izabel’s painting which is right there waiting to catch you eye. Right at that moment when you are close to despair, tired like hell, angry or frustrated.. It is your own door to light, joy, serenity, ecstasy – anything that you needed most, without realizing it. Izabel’s talent is in knowing infinite number of these doors.. she opens them easily and playfully, one by one, with each new work of art. You never know which key she will choose next – color, form or texture.. This wonderful jingling music of her keys make you warm, confident and suddenly open to the world and all its wonders.. I am always waiting for Izabel’s each new painting – unpredictable, infinite, full of fresh air and pure deeply rooted joy.. Even writing about these wonders makes me feel happy, let alone having one of them on the wall at home..”

Anna Solotova, Moscow, Russia


"Iris" and crystals