“Padme”, or “The Opening”. Oil painting on canvas.

Padme, or The Opening. Oil painting. Izabel Raa Jan

“Padme”, or “The Opening”

Oil painting on canvas.
18″x24″ (46×61 cm.)
© Izabel Raa Jan, 2017


The image of the future painting came to me while I was meditating near the Lake Shrine Temple founded by Paramahansa Yogananda in Santa Monica, CA, USA. And the painting was created in the beautiful environment with gorgeous flowers and under the accompaniment of the inspirational songs about life, love and the true home that is inside our heart, sung by one talented musician with very beautiful soul and kind heart.

The painting is currently exhibiting at the BudArt Festival in the University of the  West in Los Angeles, USA


Available as

– original;
– similar painting commission (any convenient size).