“Safety and Security”. Oil painting on canvas.

"Security". Oil painting on canvas.


“Safety and Security”

Oil painting on canvas.
24″x30″ (61 cm. x 76 cm.)
© Izabel Raa Jan 2016

The true safety and security is not due to something outside, but inside of our heart center, Anahata. This is a bright and warm Light of our Soul. By tuning into our Inner Center and calming the mind, we can acquire a state of mind where everything is fine as it is, and everything is in its place, without hassles, or worries; there are only confidence and peace of mind, and all problems are just tasks, which are easy to solve; inside there is harmony, warmth in the heart and peaceful joy.

The painting helps to tune in to our Inner Center, to the Light of the Soul. It can harmonize the space of the room as well.

Om Tat Sat

Peace and love to all.


Available as:
– giclée, printed on canvas (on demand; same size or smaller),
– similar painting commission (any convenient size).