“To the Light”. Oil painting on canvas panel.

"To the Light". Oil painting on canvas panel.

“To the Light”

Oil painting on canvas panel.
6″х6″ (15 cm. х 15 cm.)
© Izabel Raa Jan, 2015


The road to the Light often passes through the Darkness and many difficulties.
But do not be afraid of darkness, it just hides the unknown, which becomes known and ceases to be scary when the bright light beam of awareness falls onto it.

The painting was created with the intention of helping to tune in with the Inner Light and find the path to the Light among the Darkness.

India, 2015


This painting has been exhibited in San Francisco Zen Center during solo exhibition in 2017 and in Los Angeles during the Budart Meditative Art Festival, 2017.


Available as:
– original,
– giclée, printed on canvas (on demand; same size or smaller),
– similar painting commission (any convenient size).