Interview with Artist for “The Art of Wellness” Exhibition: Izabel Raa

Interview with Artist for “The Art of Wellness” Exhibition: Izabel Raa (LarkGallery) / 2023


“How and why is art healing and intrinsic to wellness?”🎨

I think that art can heal, but not always, it depends on the artist, his or her vibrations that they emit to the world, their mindset, worldview and so on. Often an artist transfers their inner problems to the canvas or simply wants to surprise the public, discourage their minds in order to get high evaluations from art critics, but there is no healing energy in such paintings, and I would say that on the contrary, you can even get sick by contemplating for a long time or having a painting with destructive images and vibrations in your home. However, despite the abundance of such art, there are also many artists among us who convey beautiful bright images, inspire us to believe in the best probabilities for all of humanity, allow us to see the best in us and are a kind of “beams of light in the dark kingdom.” Their artworks allow us to think not only about our own life, but also about surroundings, about other people and the planet as well. I deeply appreciate such artists, they help people to remember their true nature and return to the center of their heart…

Speaking specifically about me as an artist, my intention is to convey healing messages, healing settings and images through my art. Often I use for this intention bright, positive images of landscapes, flowers, birds and animals, as well as energetic portraits of angels, light worlds, etc., but I also create paintings of the night. Understanding that people, as humanity, have suffered for eons too much and their minds are used to seeing mostly negative things, that there is so much in the world that they regard as frightening and dangerous to themselves, although it is inherently neutral, so I want to help people see light, joy, inspiration and feeling safe even with things that are usually felt as something dark, negative, frightening (for example, night, space, distant stars, black cats, eclipses, and so on).

Many people told me that after contemplating my paintings, the emptiness and blackness of space and the dark night no longer frightens them as much as before, since they have started to notice the light (and stars) in this darkness, and this light gave them hope and the feeling that everything is OK… I’m so happy to hear such feedback, it means that I could help these people and make the world a little better.

In summary, I would like to say that art can be a very powerful tool for healing, and properly selected paintings, correctly and harmoniously placed in your home, can serve as great helpers to tune into the best, encouraging, mood elating, reminding us of the beauty, the grandeur of this world, of your dreams and things that are dear to your heart; and help us to return to a state where everything is safe and well, and therefore they can heal everything: the body, mind and soul…


– Izabel Raa


Interview with the artist - Izabel Raa